Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Lady in Waiting...

On that distant shore I saw her there. With bold, bronze and wild hair, her strength coupled with gentleness was wild and untamed. She stood strongly in her power, yet with this serene gentleness exuding from every pore. No hint of fight or struggle, no hint of passivity in her own walk, she stood there, gently awaiting that I take notice. When did you become this lady in waiting? A passive receipient of life's noble wisdoms, like a feather flapping in the wind hoping it lands somewhere dry. Instead of standing in your gentle strength and working with the energies of the cosmos to bring about what you deserved, you await the gem trader with a keen eye and a hopeful heart, curious about your divinity and wise enough to see you. That is no different then the pristine princess of old who knows not her power but only her vulnerability. Your vulnerability is part of your power, a tender understanding heart lives within you, wise and seasoned and able to differentiate the intercomplexities of what we call love. Yet in your humility, you deny your own answers and wait to be shown, slowly discarding your hard won wisdom. You are more worthy than you could ever imagine. Your partnership is too mighty for the weak at heart, it will take a strong counterpart to match your prescence in the world. There are always choices as to how you can define your existence. You can choose to see yourself as the one that is always left behind, or you can choose to see yourself as a magical potion, continuously refined by the alchemical elixir of fire, building, destroying and re-building itself, like an act of holy purification. That perhaps that hearts that jump in only to run too quickly can not stand the heat of your transformation, or are not strong enough to stand with you in the fire. Forgive them and bless them on your journey. Trust in your own divinity and your full human expression. That the true path to God is through the acceptance and permission of your humanity to flow like an untameable river igniting and putting out many fires along the way. It is through this passion you become yourself. But most importantly, don't ever, ever forget who you truly are..You deserve this.

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