Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The dreaming...

As i was awaking this morning, caught between the thin veil of the dreaming and the waking life, I heard a distant but gentle voice "You are in the great womb of the dark mother". I was curled up in a fetal position, protected by soft swaddled blankets, my heart soft, my body still. In my last weekend of shamanic training, in our learnings about soul retrieval, Angela spoke about the soul peices returning first to the womb of dreaming and healing (feminine) before being taken down to the alchemist (masculine) for integration. That everything in this life must start in the womb, complete it's gestational cycle before being birthed into action through alchemy. As I approach the tangible event of a coloscopy in two days time, where modern day medicine men will assess the physical state of my cervix, this dream comes to me as a gentle whisper of wisdom...I am going through an initiation, a gestating sexual transformation, culminated by a physical manifestation of so many threads of my personal healing. I feel safe, I feel comforted..but most of all, I feel loved <3

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