Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Help me Remember....

A Note from an Ally...

I think we are revolutionaries, Erica. I believe that there are a LOT of people who are sympathetic to what we can share with them.... but they don't have the words for it or the way to speak about it. The gift we can give the is the gift of honouring their experience. So few do---because of the light-obsessed and light-fixated nature of our culture and spirituality. People tend to follow crowds and create the herding behaviour we see in what is "popular."

But what is popular is not always what is best or what is right or what is good..... or what is true experientially.

The truth is I am tired today. I feel like I am in constant struggle with philosophical forces that provide the basis for the colonizing institutions that have a direct impact on EVERYONE's life now. For me the battle I am called to fight is to expose and undermine those philosophical foundations so that the institutions crumble under their own bloated and fall.... so that something more humane and dignified (and based on people's experiential foundations) can took root again.

The forces we are up against are insidious and manifest in every area of cultured existence. We can deal with them one by one or we can deal with the foundations upon which they are supported.

The truth is there are not many doing what we are doing. We will find more and more people who resonate with what we share and express (because it is their direct experience as well). Just as we will encounter those who have a lot to lose because they have profited from the "system" as it is and will look to us and our languaged experiences and understandings as literal death threats.

I know I will wage this battle my whole life. I know I will take up this struggle and that is why I am here. I know this.

And yet.... today I am tired of it.... and wearied by it. ♥

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