Monday, November 21, 2011

An asking...and a strong intention!

Madison awoke this morning letting me know the snow dropped on everything. I awoke to an icy glazed road and chilled morning air. I was up late and probably shouldnt have watched that alien clip with the eeery undertones right before bed. It made for a sluggish morning.

I arose got her off to school and turned back in to my freshly linened bed. My dreams were scrambled, a mixture of all things distressing, very little memory of the actual events. What was obvious was my brain was attempting to get something sorted.

I awoke again at 10:30, just in time to make my routine call in to the office and identify with the boss the top priorities for the week. I showered, coffee-ed, the road defrosted and I was off to the farm to buy my weekly produce.

Food shopping is a different experience for me in BC. There is something unusually comforting about driving along a country two lane highway and arriving at a chilly farm house, filled with bundled up cheery farm workers and vibrantly colorful farm fresh and local produce. Being there somehow makes me feel closer to the land and lends a much deeper appreciation for the color, diversity and beauty of so many of the earth's gifts. I bought my leeks, broccoli, cauliflauer, alphapha sprouts, pears, apples, bananas, carrots, rosemary, potatoes, spaghetti squash, lemons, kale, bok choy, cucumber, tomato and peppers and set off on my way. A quick stop at the grocery store to grab some organic coconut skin care and some broth bits, i was home and ready to get my cook on.

It's amazing to look inside my fridge and cabinets and find them bursting with fresh veg and whole grains and realize how very different they look from the cabinets and fridge space of my house in ontario. I surely have come a very very long way from the way i used to eat and the most brilliant beauty of it all is that much of it has been a very natural process. As i spend hours pondering over recipes and home made meals cooked from almost the very scratch there is a different feeling of nurturance and care for the body. That in building those nutrients from their very foundation and taking the time to work with each one of them, I am demonstrating such a strong dedication to myself and a loving act of care for this body that has remained loyal despite my total ignorance of it.

Many moments throughout the day i am filled with fountains of gratitude for all the magnificence in my life. It was only ten months ago that i focused that intention that so humbly arrived on my altar, asking for a job that would give me the flexibility and income to attend to myself, meet my basic needs while also holistically attend to our needs for creativity, self-development and following our passions. I find myself today in this intensly flexible and do-able job situation where i make just enough to pay our bills, give madison swimming lessons and skating and provide myself with my shamanic apprenticeship, a meditation class and to regularly visit a traditional chinese medicine doc for accupuncture and support. We have absolutely everything i have asked for. This is a peaceful time, a reneweing time, an immensely satisfying whole and creative time... And a strong teaching that everything, absolutely everything needs to begin with an asking and a strong intention.

Humbly grateful to be receiving and in service....with love for all <3

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